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examination of seafarers

We provide all types of medical examinations for seafarers (medical fitness certificate, medical examination forms, drug and alcohol testing, vaccination, medical expert opinion by the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 714n, etc.)
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Why should you contact us?

We have a license to conduct medical examinations, all specialists have the certificates and timely confirm their qualifications. The results of medical fitness examinations are certified by a security hologram and registered in an electronic database.

It is legal

We are in the center of Kaliningrad located near Birzhevoy Skver (Stock Exchange park).

You can make an appointment by calling 988-377 and select a convenient day and time. Electronic queue will allow you to avoid long lines to specialists.

It is convenient

A medical examination can be completed within 3 hours; a medical report can be obtained on the same day.

It is fast

We provide an individual approach to our every customer! To conclude a contract, contact us at +7 (900) 565-63-53

It is profitable


What documents are required for the medical examination of seafarers?

  • photo ID
  • personal medical record booklet (for Russian citizens only or if necessary)
  • passport (for medical fitness certificate)
  • photo 3cm*4cm (for medical fitness certificate)
  • diphtheria and tetanus vaccination record
  • chest X-ray results (if available)
  • urine sample in a sterile plastic container
  • stool sample in a plastic container (fish processing, food processing, water preparation jobs)
  • to be on an empty stomach (the last meal is allowed for 4 hours before when undergoing a medical examination in the afternoon).

The cost of medical examination of seafarers:

Personal medical record booklet medical examination report, rub.
Personal medical record booklet and the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 714n medical examination report, rub.
price from 7990
Medical Fitness Certificate, rub
Medical Fitness Certificate and the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 714n medical examination report, rub.
price from 8470

Additional screening for women

Gynecological examination and tests
Mammogram (for women after age 40)

Additional screening upon request

Conducting a medical examination by express method
Blood type and Rh factor
Yellow fever vaccination
Diphtheria and tetanus (DT) vaccination
Hepatitis B vaccination
Measles vaccination
Toxicology screening for narcotics, psychotropic substances and their metabolites
Drug alcohol test
Dental status, ColorVisionTest, Liver Test, Blood Test
depending on the form requested by the patient

Gastrointestinal infection diagnosis (extra laboratory tests for fish processing on board jobs, galley jobs)

Ova and parasites, pinworm tests
Typhoid fever
Intestinal infections

Medical examination forms

Singapore, Panama, Malta, Dominican Republic
Marshall Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, Liberia, Namibia, Faroe Islands, Bahamas, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Antigua and Barbuda
Malaysia, Norway, Portugal, England
NOT provided

Preparation of other documents according to your forms

For further information
please call :

Verification of the authenticity of the conclusion according to order 714n

Online certificate verification